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Staying connected


The OpenAthens community is made up of thousands of librarians managing our software for their users. It is important to us that you feel a part of our community, with each other and with our staff. As a result, there are some channels that we highly encourage you to subscribe to. 

1. OpenAthens listserv 

This will be a great resource for our global base of customers to share best practice, expertise, ideas and information, ask questions and collaborate with each other! It is for you to use together – you’ll only hear from us when a new resource is available for you within the OpenAthens federation. Sign up here.

2. The OpenAthens events, training and webinars email list

This list is our main communication channel for OpenAthens events and training, most notably educational and training webinars on our software. As a customer of OpenAthens, there is 1 training webinar a month for you, with an educational series on demand available on our website along with our other webinars. We strongly recommend all our librarians subscribe to this list regardless of their experience, in order to keep on top of training with the existing product and updates. Sign up here.

3. The OpenAthens newsletter 

This is our monthly snapshot, looking at blogs, news, product update summaries, event summaries and federation highlights. This is a one-stop shop for all the month’s main stories and news. Sign up here.

4. The user testing and research mailing list 

This is our mailing list for product and user feedback. We occasionally send small surveys requesting specific information from you to continue improving our product. It is important for us to hear your voice. Sign up here.

5. Vendor promotion list

This is an opt-in mailing list for promotional content from our publishing and service provider customers. You will receive a monthly email containing promotional content from these OpenAthens federation members. Sign up here.