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What do you need before we can get started?

Provide a list of all your subscriptions.

Be sure to include any electronic resources your users currently access using your current authentication system, including small content providers that provide a small number of journals or databases.

We will need this information for each resource:

  • Link to the database
  • Names of the database
  • Content provider name
  • Content provider email 
  • Highlight the most important resources for you so we can start with those

We will then contact all the resource providers for you and will keep you informed when new resources have been activated and can be accessed via OpenAthens authentication.

The A-Z lists on your library portal is a good place to start when you compile your list of resources. Other places you can find that information would be your Library Management System or your Proxy configuration file. 

We will assess your current systems and access solutions.

The best type of set up will be dependent on a wide range of factors such as the nature of your organization or institution, your current library set up and other applications you use, the content, the types of end users and their demands and needs and much more.

Your onboarding lead will help you prepared for the setup by assessing:

  • Your current authentication systems and workflows
  • Unique library sites or branches and their different authentication needs
  • User groups and guest users (alumni, visitors, etc.) management
  • Data elements for which you would like to collect access statistics (department, major, etc.)
  • Integration with your local library management and discovery systems
  • Aggregating and submitting a comprehensive list of all e-resources
  • Other apps and tools with connections to library resources - learning management systems, reading lists, etc. 

Your IT manager needs to be involved at the beginning of the OpenAthens onboarding.

Your IT manager will help integrate OpenAthens with one of your organization’s directories allowing you to use the credentials already stored within your own systems to provide user access to OpenAthens, rather than creating new accounts.

OpenAthens can recognize and map any attribute when user accounts are created by connecting to a directory like ADFS or Azure AD. If you want to expand your reporting capability you will need to specify your requirements with your IT teams as they will probably need to do some work on their end. We are happy to help with the set up that’s required on the OpenAthens admin side.

Reporting on attributes such as Job role, Cost center, Department, Major etc. depends on your specific needs and technical capabilities.