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Enabling access for your customers is straight forward:

  • Add your customers EntityID to your subscription management system 
  • Make sure customers are sending expected attributes in the required format

Other than that you will need to communicate with your customers and make sure you test with users as you go along.

Communicate with customers

Communicate upcoming changes and give libraries time to prepare.

Last but not least, consider the needs of the libraries as an intermediary. Librarians are best placed to communicate and educate your users about the value of scholarly content and how to get access to it.

This requires a well-planned communication campaign combining platform messaging and library communication. 

Test with users

Usability testing is critical when making changes to established products and services. Doing basic usability tests minimizes the risks and brings light to unknowns early in the project.

Rolf Molich developed some of the most commonly used usability testing techniques. In an interview for UIE he offers great insight into usability testing best practices.

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